Conference Draft: Round Two

Round One

1 (8 overall) SEC – Georgia: The SEC needed someone to win the Georgia BulldogsEast once a decade when UF and UT weren’t, so the Dawgs are here to stay. Games will still be played “between the hedges”, which will get quite a touch-up if Oregon and their band ever come to play.

2 (9) Big Ten: With the second round pick, the Big Ten selects Maryland TerrapinsMaryland. They’ve quietly produced some great NFL talent but not great teams. Yet they still manage to be competitive on occasion in the ACC, even though they shit the bed in bowl games and the like. Sounds like a perfect replacement for Purdue.

Also, this means there’s a better chance that I can get more Big Ten games carried where I live in DC.

3 (10) Pac 10: The Pac-10 is happy to bring in another SWC refugee Arkansas Razorbacksin the Arkansas Razorbacks. Yes, I know Mitch Mustain is a crybaby and left. But hey, they’re a good team right now, and Darren McFadden is :waycool: They’re basically one of the better options left from my pool of teams, so I might as well pull the trigger now. Doesn’t hurt that they’re not a terrible basketball school, either.

4 (11) Mid-Major SuperConference: The second mid-major pick is South Carolina GamecocksSouth Carolina. As a SEC middleweight, the other USC fits in perfectly in the conference (read: race to take the SEC teams). With a top recruiting class and Coach Me Uppin’ Steve Spurrier at the helm, South Carolina will upset and annoy Big East and ACC teams for years to come.

5 (12) Big East: The Big East selects Boston College. Yeah, yeah, I Boston College Eaglesknow what it looks like. Like we’re a scorned ex-girlfriend and when given the chance to take our boyfriend back after screwing around with the hotter, sluttier chick, we gladly do so just because we’re sick of hanging out with Milton and the other AV nerds. And that is exactly what it is. We need BC back in the Big East. They were never right for the ACC. I mean, they’re not really terrible at either basketball or football. They’re a two sport school, and that is completely unlike every other school in that conference. So now, we’re rightfully bringing BC back to the conference of tweeners. Welcome home, Eagles.

6 (13) Big XII: With the 13th pick in the draft, the Big XII chooses to Arizona State Sun Devilsreunite an intense but forgotten rivalry between the Texas Longhorns and the Ark… Arizona State Sun Devils. Although three schools in the Big XII now can claim to have some of the hottest girls in the country, only yearly battles in football can provide a true winner – you, the guy standing next to them in the stands. Also, we recently read an article by college football genius Mike Farrell that called the program a “sleeping giant.” According to our insider info, giants are big, and the Big XII likes big.

Curse you, Pac 10.

7 (14) ACC – Pittsburgh: Second round and I’m already scraping? No, Pittsburgh PanthersPitt is one of those teams who can be impressive at times, and utterly mediocre at others. I’m one of the only people who puts any faith in Wanny, and I think Pitt could grow back to be a middle of the pack type team. With the ACC already fairly stacked at the top, I felt like it was time to start looking at mid-range teams who have the potential to surprise people. Pitt is one of those teams, and it gives the ACC an outlet into Pennsylvania, which is always a breeding ground for some good football talent. Plus this gives me the chance to redeem the school for Larry Fitzgerald having the Heisman stolen from him. Yes, that still pisses me off.


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