Dennis Franchoine Is America’s Highest Paid Blogger

September 28, 2007

Current Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchoine is the highest blogger, sports-related or otherwise, in the United States, reports. His blog, “VIP Connection,” while sparsely read, managed to receive donations to support it’s upkeep conservatively placed at $140,000.

His weekly insights into Texas A&M football have gone unnoticed by blogs like Deadspin, EDSBS, and even their staunch Aggie supporters at Texas A&M and Baseball, which again adds to the mystery of how Franchoine, who is a well-known figure outside the blogosphere, managed to make a substantial living by blogging without neigh-required linking from other sources.

Joe Paterno was unavailable for a quirky comment that would reflect how old he is.


Charlie Weis: This Is Your Strife

September 21, 2007

Over the past week, there’s been a lot of talk of how poorly Notre Dame has been playing. Yet to score an offensive touchdown, and having been shelled to the tune of 30+ points their last 3 games, heavy criticism has fallen on head coach’s Charlie Weis’ sloping shoulders. After 2 straight BCS bowl appearances, what’s changed since January 2007 to put the Fighting Irish in this position? Here’s a few of the reasons of the downfall of the South Bend team.

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LSU – Virginia Tech to be broadcast on Lifetime Network

September 7, 2007

In what appears to be a major loss for ESPN’s Saturday night programming lineup, the Walt Disney-owned company has announced Friday that the matchup between Louisiana State and Virginia Tech will be switched from ESPN to Lifetime. The broadcasting team will remain the same, and all fans in attendance will not notice any difference.

Managing director Russel Balding released a statement saying: “During our broadcast of the game between Virginia Tech and Eastern Carolina University, we noticed several difficulties with the broadcast. Our tech support team found that the equipment that ESPN uses for its regular sporting events could barely handle the amount of emotion present in Lane Stadium that day, due to the horrific shootings that happened almost four months ago. We fear that the amount of emotion present in Tiger Stadium, with the emotions residing from the aforementioned Virginia Tech shooting combining with the emotions from both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, would cause ESPN be knocked off the air.

“Until we can finish updating the equipment in Bristol, CT. to handle the high levels of emotions found in games like this, we have decided to safely broadcast the game on another of our subsidiaries, the Lifetime Network. The Lifetime Network has a long history of being able to handle made-for-TV movies about women in tense, emotional situations, like abusing husbands, abusing lesbian partners, and abusing husbands that force heroines to run to their abusive lesbian partners. With at 25-year history at providing high-emotion television, we feel that Lifetime will be well-suited for broadcasting the exciting, high-emotion matchup between Virginia Tech and Louisiana State.”

News in Brief: Football’s Back!

September 5, 2007

College football spans all 50 states (while quality college football is confined to about 14), so there’s a lot to digest, even for those just skimming box scores. This means plenty of stories are out of the eyes of the public. Here’s some of the more interesting from the first week of football, August 30th to September 3rd.

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The Mid-Size Sixteen: The Best of the Smallest

September 4, 2007

Every week, the mid-major fans (OK, just me) of H2DN will rank the sixteen best non-BCS, non-Notre Dame schools based on their performance.

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Hell2DaNaw Special Salute

September 1, 2007

Hats off to Appalachian State.  We salute you for beating Michigan!