Don’t Like Crazyness? Come To The Wac!

A special message from Karl Benson, commisioner of the Western Athletic Conference.

Hello out there! Karl here, inviting all the fans of some traditional college football out west for some WAC-tion! Now, I love college football, and I know there’s plenty of people that love college football too. Which is why I’m proud to invite some fellow college football fans to watch some unexciting WAC action this weekend.

The Western Athletic Conference has not upset any national powerhouses. Idaho let USC stomp then, which is more than Stanford could do. Fresno State realized that it wasn’t quite time for Dennis Franchione to be fired, so the Bulldogs missed a two-point conversion to let the Aggies win a thriller. They subsequently lost to Oregon, ensuring that all would be right in the world of college football.

Remember Boise State? The dramatic excitement of their thrilling game against Oklahoma was a Disney-esque fairytale story, and we were glad to have it happen. The mere fact that Oklahoma let Boise State run three different trick plays against them to succession meant that Ian Johnson and Chris Peterson were going home with victories: a true national powerhouse would have been Goliath.

This year, Hawaii looks like the team that’ll get a BCS nod. Not from extremely skillful players or tremendous upsets, but by a gimmicky passing scheme putting up 50+ points on schools names that have State in them, but are not actually a state. If they do, in fact, make it to a BCS bowl instead of their traditional Hawaii Bowl, then they’ll surely be cremated by a team with a top 20 pass defense.

In fact, due to diligent scheduling, no WAC school is in line to upset a powerhouse anymore. We’re in the thick of conference play, where Boise State and Hawaii will continue an onslaught until they meet for their game on the final week of the season.

So, come to WAC country. It’s a place that values preseason polls and championship pedigrees by staying far away from them.


One Response to Don’t Like Crazyness? Come To The Wac!

  1. Tom33 says:

    I really like the WAC. I guess it is because of the underdog factor.

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