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Why waste your valuable money on Rivals or Scout with the dollar slumping and so much porn out there? Hell 2 Da Naw has the hookup, y’all.

The recruiting saga of Terrelle Pryor has seen many twists and turns, but the latest was too much for even us poor sods. Turns out, one Urban Meyer recently promised he could start as a freshman. Apparently, Tim Tebow has been taking snaps at punter, believing it would give him the best chance to witness the Good News…hot shot receiver Julio Jones was recently spotted in a Tuscaloosa diner chatting with a Saban, but not the one you might expect. Billionaire mogul Haim Saban stepped in for a chat, hoping to lure Jones to a resurgent Israeli Football League…cornerback Patrick Johnson now leans towards Notre Dame…our stone cold lock of the week? Omar Hunter to USC…the hold up with Kenny Tate issuing his verbal commitment to Penn State is reportedly his demand for a guarantee of job security for offensive assistant Jay Paterno…don’t be surprised if Sam McGuffie spurns Michigan for the PBA tour…eyes on the ground tell H2DN that Nick Perry might be scared off by the depth chart in Ypsilanti…connected observers swear up and down that Will Hill will prep for a year at Hargrave to boost his GPA in order to meet NCAA requirements…Dayne Crist looking around? Check the flight logs from Pullman in the next few days…Darrell Scott believes he could start for the Trojans from day one. Pete Carroll is scrambling to fill his depth chart…Tommy Streeter is reportedly furious at being slow-played by Piscataway and is backing off his silent to look around…


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