Hell2DaNaw was created in 2007 as an outlet for us to write about our favorite subject, college football. This site is run by the NCAA fans of the Something Awful forum Sports Argument Stadium.

Over the previous seasons the rivalries that developed during gameday threads gave way to offseason comraderie as we helped each other cope with the lack of football. When not discussing offseason news we would discuss the appeal of Jorts and which states have the best Barbeque.

Now we have come together to share our knowledge and perverted sense of humor with the rest of the world. We hope you enjoy.

Why “Hell 2 Da Naw”?
On October 14, 2006, local rivals Miami and Florida International met for the first time in history. Tempers were flaring, and in the third quarter a massive bench-clearing brawl broke out. The best thing to come out of the incident was the color commentary from Comcast broadcaster and former Miami player Lamar Thomas: Link

The next day Thomas responded to his criticisms:

first of all anyone who has ever met me knows my passion for the program. The University of Miami made me the person that i am today. I have NEVER shied away from speaking my opinion. Yesterday I saw a struggling miami football group become a TEAM. This is my second year working for Comcast Sports Southeast, and I really enjoy it. Recently this year I was pulled aside and told I needed to be more pro UM, because i was being to hard on the KIDS. Yesterday I watched our KIDS play a team that came into the OB for one reason, to make a name for its program. FIU WAS NOT GOING TO GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT. AT first they were very physical,and that was to be expected because 90 percent of FIU’s KIDS had dreams of being a Cane. But then their frustration set in, after James Bryant turned up the heat with his physical play. Cheap shots then pursued. I WAS PROUD OF THOSE KIDS FOR STANDING UP FOR THEIR BROTHERS. I do not agree with the swinging of the helmets. Nor the media only pointing out our KIDS. But if you know anything about this program, WE ARE THE TEAM THAT EVERYONE HATES. ON to what i said, I was so hyped in the booth I let my emotions take over. Do I have to apologize for sayin what I said? HELL 2 DA NAW! Im going to make this simple, FIU tried to push us around and we fought back. From that point on for first time this year, WE look like A team trying to Destroy the opposition. I said i wanted to get on the elevator and go down to the field. LOL, I’m 36 years old what hell would i have accomplished. I did say you cant come into our house and try to slap us and not get slapped back. which is true so…………. I’m not a coach ! My job is to talk. For our broadcasts which are made for U of M fans, I’m supposed to add insight. And by golly I gave it, because if that was during my tenure we would have invited FIU to Tamiami Park to get it on(FRIENDLY GAME OF SANDLOT FOOTBALL,OF COURSE) LOL. As you notice, I’ve called them KIDS. Lets not forget that. For most of these KIDS, The U is their FAMILY. Some people spoke of my lack of professionalism, but this wasnt ESPN, ABC, TBS or PBS. Im not supposed to be neutral. Folks that watch this want to hear about the U, past and present. Listen If You wanna say I wouldnt Be a good coach because of my passion, Go ahead, thats your opinion. Maybe later on in life i will finally send in my resume. But right now I’m having too much fun running my mouth. OH yea I also enjoy chatting with our True fans. And for the ones who love to be very critical of me and the team. so be it . KEEP ON KEEPIN ON ITS YOUR OPINION. GOD BLESS AMERICA ITS ALL THE ABOUT U, BABY!I LOVE TO TALK YA!

Thus a catchphrase was born, as well as the inspiration for this site. God bless you, Mr. Thomas.


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