H2DN 2007 Previews – Louisville Cardinals

July 8, 2007

Last season, the Cardinals overcame injuries to star QB Brian Brohm and RB Michael Bush to win the Big East and defeat ACC Champion Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl. Not that there weren’t bumps along the way.┬áMany watched their slugfest with West Virginia, but the Cards proceeded to fall victim to a trap game in New Jersey, losing their undefeated record and a chance at a National Championship. More bad news was to come, as Head Coach Bobby Petrino announced his departure to coach the Atlanta Vicks.

Cheerleader Rebecca Mann is on the Brohm-wagon.

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H2DN 2007 Previews – Rutgers Scarlet Knights

July 7, 2007

Looking forward to 2007 is rather strange for Rutgers fans. For years, we have had to stubbornly insist that our team actually had fans, never mind that Greg Schiano was just the guy who could reverse the losing of the Terry Shea era. After slow but steady progress, 2006 would hopefully be another 8 win step in the right direction. However, with a little luck, and a lot of cliched coaching metaphors, those neophytes from New Brunswick enjoyed a breakthrough season for the ages. In 2006 the team captured the attention of the greater New York City area and, before Boise State stole their thunder, the nation.

But before we continue, a special message from SeeRayRun.com.

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Angry Miami fan quits in disgust – “It’s not fun anymore.”

May 23, 2007

NEW YORK – Joel Carey is your average, bandwagon sports fan in the Northeast. He sits on his hands every week of the fall at Giants Stadium, and last week traded in his Navy Blue Jeter jersey for a Royal Blue Reyes. A Pace graduate, Joel has never had a Division I-A college football team to call his own. Not to worry, though. For most of his adult life, he has followed the Miami Hurricanes. However, recently that fact has begun to change, causing a dangerous existential crisis that threatens the core of Carey’s very being. Read the rest of this entry »

Youtube Superfans: West Virginia Mountaineers

May 5, 2007

I normally have little problem defending my alma mater when it comes to fans’ actions at football games. You see, most of these horror stories come in the form of a message board rant about some guy’s wife being beat up before the game by a 300-pound redneck while he is pelted with batteries and forced to do the truffle shuffle on top of a burning couch. This is obviously bullshit because nobody would ever burn a couch before the game. Read the rest of this entry »

The Rite of Spring

May 2, 2007

Back in the times of Stravinsky, people sacrificed to the gods to maintain their benevolence and favor. Similarly, throughout the month of April, college football fans across the country perform highly-structured rituals in hopes of a successful season and bumper harvest in the fall. Whether it’s corn in Nebraska, potatoes in Idaho, or the sweet methamphetamine of the heartland. Read the rest of this entry »

I Have a Confession to Make

April 11, 2007

Editor’s Note: In light of the recent controversy regarding radio personality Don Imus’ on-air slurs of Rutgers women’s basketball team, one H2DN writer professes his own undying devotion to those nappy-headed hos.

Greetings readers. Today, I have a shocking revelation to make to our collective self help group here at Hell 2 Da Naw. I am a big football fan. There’s a school, not too far from where I grew up, where half of my family went to college. I am soon to graduate from such school, and am also a fan of its football teams. If that does not sound too peculiar so far, keep reading to have your mind blown as if you were hypnotized by Psyduck himself. Read the rest of this entry »

College Football Rumor Mill

April 9, 2007

The Rumor Mill returns this week with several juicy scoops. Is Nick Saban ready to jump ship to the Maize and Blue? Bulldogs blue balled? Denim Menace? And John L. Smith’s heart ripped a flunder, all in this week’s dish. Read the rest of this entry »