Case Western Receives Mathlete Rose Bowl Bid over Rensselaer Polytechnic – Tradition Blamed

December 4, 2007

As well we know, Mathletics are a major part of any University’s repertoire of activities – without Mathletes, where would national powerhouses like Carnegie Mellon and University of California Riverside be? Nowhere, that’s where! To build a successful program to attract the nations top Mathletes, you need to exhibit not only the facilities but also the following and environment that stimulates the mathlete – not unlike the athlete. However, he or she can be swayed by a school’s tradition and history of success, not merely wins and losses. Part of those winning ways are folded into the tradition – but that’s why it’s important to allow for up and coming Mathletics programs to try their hands at the Great-Grandaddy of Them All – the Mathlete Rose Bowl.
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Buckeyes Score Big With Halloween Costumes

November 1, 2007

COLUMBUS, OH – Students at the The Ohio State University are still raving over the Halloween costumes worn last weekend by the members of the OSU football team. The Buckeyes wowed the community by imitating great Buckeyes of the past.

Local bartender Eric Cooper was most impressed with the performance of the offense. “The way that [quarterback Todd] Boeckman was throwing the ball was exactly like Art Schlichter. Man, that kid must have had money riding on the Penn State game.” Read the rest of this entry »

News in Brief: Football’s Back!

September 5, 2007

College football spans all 50 states (while quality college football is confined to about 14), so there’s a lot to digest, even for those just skimming box scores. This means plenty of stories are out of the eyes of the public. Here’s some of the more interesting from the first week of football, August 30th to September 3rd.

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Penn State is getting screwed again

August 27, 2007

There’s something rotten in State College, and we’re not talking about Grandpa Joe’s dentures.

They’ve long known in Nittany-ville that the referees are biased against the Nittany Lions. All throughout 2006, Joe Paterno was eying the Alamo Bowl as he does his pile of Betty Page papyri every night. Alas, ’twas not meant to be. The evil Big Ten commissioner’s office, run by the tight knit Ohio State/Michigan cartel, in an act frighteningly akin to rape, brutally forced Penn State to play in Tampa instead.


Paterno exhales following his daily session in the hyperbaric chamber.

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H2DN 2007 Preview – Michigan State Spartans

August 23, 2007

I will make the comments available to the people if you have thoughts about Hell2DaNaw get ’em out, but let me start by saying this: There is a 50/50 split with blame for Hell2DaNaw’s outright choke job.

Let me repeat that for you. Choke job. You want to see the definition of choke in the dictionary, you’ll see Hell2DaNaw. From the very top to Shooter McGavin, to the spammers in the comment. It is an out and out choke job.

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Jim Delaney to Add 33 New Teams to Big 10.

July 26, 2007

In an effort to increase viewing of the Big 10 Network outside of the upper-Midwest, Jim Delaney, president of the Big 10, has announced plans to add 33 schools, bringing the conference total to 44.

“We hope that by adding teams like Florida, Texas, Nebraska, USC, Harvard, and Boise State, that not only will the Big 10 be indisputably the best league, but will also become relevant and must-watch for the entire country,” Delaney said at a press conference today.

The new Big 10 logo?
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H2DN 2007 Preview – Michigan Wolverines

July 20, 2007

Michigan is fresh off its traditional end of season treat, back to back losses to Ohio State and USC. It has long been speculated that Lloyd Carr has massive gambling debts and can only repay them by continually losing the last two games of every season. Either that or he’s just a shitty coach, no one is really sure.

The 2006 season looked bright with an 11-0 start including a complete dismantling of Charlie Weis’ Fighting Irish; Michigan fans had hope. It wasn’t long before a matchup of two unbeaten titans, two powerhouses, two great rivals came to pass. Surely this would be the game that put us over the top, that ended the misery, that brought us forward into a new era of dominance! Unfortunately we’d forgotten one thing, one team was coached by Lloyd Carr, and the other by Jim Tressel. Also, Ohio State happened to have this guy named Troy Smith, but I’m doing my best to forget he ever existed. (This should be easy as long as I don’t watch the CFL)

All in all it was a very strong season considering Michigan had been 7-5 the year before, but losing to Ohio State (again) and in a Bowl Game (again) made it a largely forgettable year. Some signs of a bright future did present themselves, an attacking defense that crushed everyone… Except Ohio State. And USC. More talented young players on offense…who were often injured or booted off the team… The emergence of Alan Branch as an unstoppable rampaging monster…who promptly left for the NFL. And the arrival of much talked about 5* recruit Ronald Joh….oh he went to USC. Certainly it was a season of good and bad, delight and soul crushing disappointment, essentially the true Michigan football experience.

Lest we forget

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