Case Western Receives Mathlete Rose Bowl Bid over Rensselaer Polytechnic – Tradition Blamed

December 4, 2007

As well we know, Mathletics are a major part of any University’s repertoire of activities – without Mathletes, where would national powerhouses like Carnegie Mellon and University of California Riverside be? Nowhere, that’s where! To build a successful program to attract the nations top Mathletes, you need to exhibit not only the facilities but also the following and environment that stimulates the mathlete – not unlike the athlete. However, he or she can be swayed by a school’s tradition and history of success, not merely wins and losses. Part of those winning ways are folded into the tradition – but that’s why it’s important to allow for up and coming Mathletics programs to try their hands at the Great-Grandaddy of Them All – the Mathlete Rose Bowl.
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Dennis Franchoine Is America’s Highest Paid Blogger

September 28, 2007

Current Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchoine is the highest blogger, sports-related or otherwise, in the United States, reports. His blog, “VIP Connection,” while sparsely read, managed to receive donations to support it’s upkeep conservatively placed at $140,000.

His weekly insights into Texas A&M football have gone unnoticed by blogs like Deadspin, EDSBS, and even their staunch Aggie supporters at Texas A&M and Baseball, which again adds to the mystery of how Franchoine, who is a well-known figure outside the blogosphere, managed to make a substantial living by blogging without neigh-required linking from other sources.

Joe Paterno was unavailable for a quirky comment that would reflect how old he is.