Friday Night Lights Hooks Small Fish, Big Fish

July 20, 2007

Break out the duster and slide that Peabody aside – NBC’s football drama Friday Night Lights has received two Emmy nominations. Although some are calling this a snub, we couldn’t be more thrilled. Sure they’re minor categories and the show has no shot of winning, but we’ll take what we can get and hope for better next year.

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Friday Night Lights: State

April 12, 2007

Hmm… why did the last drive of this championship game look so familiar…

First year coach? Check.
Underrated white quarterback? Check.
Lots of blue? Check.
Hook and ladder? Check.

Did we mind seeing it all over again? HELL 2 DA NAW
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Friday Night Lights: “It’s not what you think”

April 7, 2007

Lyla Garrity

As if you didn’t already have your calendar circled and your TIVO set, this Wednesday at 8/7c on NBC is the season finale of Friday Night Lights. Have no idea what we’re talking about? Open up your torrent client, get on usenet, or watch it legally on NBC’s website. Either way, it’s a show about football in Texas and it’s been named First Team All-American. It’s the off-season; what else are you doing?

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