H2DN 2007 Previews – Louisville Cardinals

July 8, 2007

Last season, the Cardinals overcame injuries to star QB Brian Brohm and RB Michael Bush to win the Big East and defeat ACC Champion Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl. Not that there weren’t bumps along the way.┬áMany watched their slugfest with West Virginia, but the Cards proceeded to fall victim to a trap game in New Jersey, losing their undefeated record and a chance at a National Championship. More bad news was to come, as Head Coach Bobby Petrino announced his departure to coach the Atlanta Vicks.

Cheerleader Rebecca Mann is on the Brohm-wagon.

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H2DN 2007 Previews – Rutgers Scarlet Knights

July 7, 2007

Looking forward to 2007 is rather strange for Rutgers fans. For years, we have had to stubbornly insist that our team actually had fans, never mind that Greg Schiano was just the guy who could reverse the losing of the Terry Shea era. After slow but steady progress, 2006 would hopefully be another 8 win step in the right direction. However, with a little luck, and a lot of cliched coaching metaphors, those neophytes from New Brunswick enjoyed a breakthrough season for the ages. In 2006 the team captured the attention of the greater New York City area and, before Boise State stole their thunder, the nation.

But before we continue, a special message from SeeRayRun.com.

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H2DN 2007 Previews – Alabama Crimson Tide

July 7, 2007

Ding Dong The Bear is Dead

There have been basically no changes to the Alabama Crimson Tide during the off season. And by no changes I mean that GOD has returned to Alabama. No, not the Bear. No, not Charlie Weis. I mean Nick Saban! When reviewing this team it was important to look at all of the normal indicators of a great season.

Media Circus? Check. Scandal? Check. Full Spring Game? Check.

Obviously, they are a team on their way to the top! Let’s break it down for you.

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Coach Lloyd Carr To Call HB Iso

June 29, 2007

At his weekly press conference, Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr has announced his intention of calling the Halfback Isolation play, more commonly referred to as ‘HB Iso.’ “I feel with the strength of running back Mike Hart and the overall strength of our offensive line, the half-back iso is a great play to run in order to gain between 2 and 5 yards on a consistent basis.”

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A Drunk College Student Reads Phil Steele’s Preview Of His Favorite Team

June 13, 2007

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NFL Draft Preview

April 17, 2007

Hell2DaNaw primarily focuses on college football. However, as you may have noticed, it gets a little slow here during the offseason. The upcoming NFL Draft involves picking college players (some of whom have actually stepped foot in a college classroom!), so we thought we’d kill a little time with an exclusive preview of the upcoming NFL Draft. Read the rest of this entry »

2007 SEC Champions: Ole Miss Rebels

April 13, 2007

Colonel Reb


When you quit laughing at the title, I want you to open up your mind. I am being serious about this. I know a lot of people are going to dismiss the article from the beginning, but if you will just take the time to read it I think you will begin to see the truth.

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